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Assessing the ecological quality of rivers

ASTERICS (version 4.0.4) calculates the ecological status of rivers based on benthic invertebrate taxa lists.

The assessment fulfils the demands of the WFD. The German Assessment System PERLODES is part of the software.

Before applying the software, please consult the ASTERICS Software manual (version 4.0.4). It provides all relevant information on installation, system requirements, preparation of taxa list, and import functions.

The reports of the research projects contain detailed informations concerning development, conception and appliance of the assessment of different stream types in Germany.

(*.pdf, 4 mb)
(*.pdf, 40 kb)
(*.pdf, 128 kb)
ASTERICS Software manual (version 2.x, in english)
also for ASTERICS 3.3, except official german system (PERLODES),
only available manual in english at the moment
(*.pdf, 2.230 kb)
(*.zip, 140  kb)
(*.zip, 680 kb)

(*.zip, 85 kb)
(*.pdf, 993  kb)
(*.pdf, 1.509 kb)

(*.pdf, 3.794 kb)

(*.pdf, 3.234 kb)

(*.pdf, 1.914 kb)

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